Jepson School of Leadership Studies

The Jepson School of Leadership Studies offers a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in leadership studies, as well as a minor in leadership studies. To earn this degree a candidate must satisfactorily complete the curricular requirements outlined in the following section and meet the general degree requirements of the University.

The Jepson School of Leadership Studies seeks to develop in each student a base of knowledge for understanding leadership in a variety of settings. Curriculum goals are achieved through courses that emphasize both leadership theory and practice, thus helping students connect knowledge gained through coursework to the world outside of the classroom.

Admission Procedures

Students wishing to major or minor in leadership studies must apply for admission to the Jepson School during the fall semester of their second year.

A faculty committee reviews applications and chooses students based on essays and academic performance as well as faculty evaluations and extracurricular activities.

Prospective majors and minors must have completed or be enrolled in LDST 101 Leadership and the Humanities or LDST 102 Leadership and the Social Sciences to be considered for admission to the program. Both courses are required for the major and minor, but either course may be taken as a first course in leadership studies. After taking LDST 101 or LDST 102 and prior to admission, students may also take LDST 210 Justice and Civil Society. LDST electives are open to all students at the University.

Students seeking admission to the School need to attend information sessions, which are held in the fall. Application materials will be made accessible by the Associate Dean for Student and External Affairs once a student has attended an information session. The application deadline is the end of September. The new class is notified of acceptance in mid-October and the new class is welcomed into the Jepson community at the Prelude ceremony in November.

For further information, please contact:
Kerstin Soderlund, Associate Dean for Student and External Affairs, Jepson School of Leadership Studies
221 Richmond Way, University of Richmond, VA 23173
Telephone: (804) 287-6082